Top 5 records in UEFA Champions (Part 2)

As we shared, the UEFA Champions is the highest football event for clubs in Euro but it has frame and reputation in the international scale. 

Anyone loving football will also love and enjoy this event as a part of joyness.

Today we continue to collect top 5 records which are the most memorial events during history of the UEFA Champions.

3, The longest winning streak- Bayern Mucich

In the current time, Bayern Munich is the best team owning series of winning longest in history of UEFA. They are reaching 14 continuous games and estimate to reach more winnings in the next season.

This is a record about the most winning matches in one season.

During history of Bayern Muich, they are peaking their performance. The fact, not many people believe in this truth because the competitions in UEFA are strict. All teams come the play-off successfully so it’s not easy to become the unbeaten team in a long time like Bayern Mucich.

Until now, they are owning 5 trophies in UEFA and some titles in UEFA Super Cup.

4, Fastest goal- Roy Makaay

Are you impressed when someone can score a goal in some first touches of the game?

The record in UEFA Champions League belongs to Roy Makkay when he has just made a goal in the 10.12 seconds.

It is a little crazy but it is the truth. This goal makes the most impressive and even a little shocking when he could kick off the game to the net of Real Madrid within some first second. In this game, Bayern Munich of Roy Makaay also won finally.

Until now, after 13 years of this score, no one can make new record with early time. The fact, his goal was so much impressive and special.