Top European leagues with the highest transfer (Part 1)

Football in Europe is always appreciated professionally and high-quality when they usually organize global football matches for fans in the world.

The fact, football is considered as an industry in Euro when there are transfers between footballers or head coaches up to millions of dollars. They consider that good manpower can help their team to reach high ranking.

In this article, we collect top the most famous league in Euro which cover the highest value for transfer. Through our data, you can imagize easily about European football.

1, The Premier League

The Premier Leagueis the hottest topic when ending of the old season and preparing for the new season with transfers and franchises.

In 2019, we have ever seen Chelsea invest $53m for one transfer of Werner from RB Leipzig or using $50.2m to buy Chilwell. The fact, they are ready to pay hundreds of million to own top the best talented players. This is the reason why Chelsea always make target for winning.

Another example about one rich club- Manchester city. They already buy again Ake with $45.3m under approval of all Cityzens. They want to improve defense line better so, Ake is the first choice for a defender.

2, LaLiga

LaLiga is highly appreciated for a professional football tournament in Euro.

There are some clubs daring to pay big amount to reach good players.

Such as, Barcelona make big transfers in history when they use $91m to buy Miralem Pjanic and Trincao. Although these two transfers cause chaos and confusion among administrative council, finally they decide to invest.

Another example, Sevilla make surprisingly when investing $37.5m to own Suso from AC Milan and Oscar from Real Madrid. The fact, this amount is so big with a young team as Sevilla, but purpose for the top ranking of LaLiga, they are ready to conquer.