Top the best clubs in UEFA champions league

UEFA champions league is a big festival of football fans all over the world. It’s a great chance for clubs to compete, practice as well connect from clubs to other clubs throughout the Euro.

To understand clearly about UEFA during its growth, we collect data about top the best clubs in this league. Following it if you are a fan of the UEFA.

3/ Arsenal 2003-2004 season

During UEFA, Arsenal only has just received one trophy in 2003-2004 season but this achievement was enough to show off talents and confidence of the Invincibles

They owned strong team of new generation in Arsenal, including Thierry Henry, Dennis Bergkamp, Patrick Vieira who made legend in football of English. Furthermore, they were under management by Arsene Wenger. He was described as a managerial coach.

This was the first season footballers of Arsenal became real heros when they overcoming stronger opponents like Manchester United, Middlesbrough or Chelsea to reach winning without doubt about great achievements in history.

4/ Atletico Madrid 1995-1996 season

The greatest season of Atletico Madrid arguably was in 1995-1996 which set up first steps for pro career of this club during the UEFA history.

It was managed by Radomir Antic and Simeone was a key member of team. They were excellent to reach a La Liga and Copa del Rey double.

In the finals, they were a little trouble to face with Barca. Although they only got 1-0 score, it was enough to make victory for a new club at this time.

They continue to join all UEFA events until 2013-2014 they have just received the second trophy in 2013-2014 season. Atletico Madrid was the first club for championship as an outside club of the El Clasico duopoly without 10 years of the Spanish league.