The Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) Champions League or commonly known at the Euro Cup, holds an impressive number of titles as a league in itself. The most-watched, the most-anticipated, the highest-prize giving, and the most exciting sports competition are just some of the speculations suggested. Accurate or not, it’s undeniable that the league is impressive and entertaining.

Thirty-two teams from a total of 70 enter the group stage and are split into eight groups of four. Twenty-two clubs have won the competition in the past, with 12 of them winning it multiple times.

This page will outline in detail the astounding history, the most notable champions and their highlight matches, and current news concerning the competition.

What’s At Stake

The winning team for the year is awarded the European Champion Cup. If a club manages to win the season three years in a row or five times in total, then they are permanently given the cup, and a replacement is manufactured for the following year.

Currently, five clubs have achieved this, including Ajax, Real Madrid, Milan, Liverpool, and Bayern Munich. In addition to the trophy, 40 medals of gold are awarded to the winners of the Champions League Final, and 40 medals of silver given to those in 2nd place.

The prize money awarded is considerably larger than most other major global sporting events, with each leg being worth a specific amount, and the final being worth an incredible 19 million euros. However, depending on the results of the rounds leading up the final, a club can earn over 80 million euros in a season, without taking into consideration sponsorship and merchandising.