Top 5 records in UEFA Champions (Part 1)

UEFA Champions League is considered as one of the most prestigious football events in the world which collect series of elite footballers as international stars.

This event is held during one year under a knockout format so that all matches are strict. Only if one mistake, one team can be failure and no ticket for the next round.

Because feature is strict, per player as well per club tried the best to reach good result so that they can have high position. 

In the current season, Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi are two big names who reach the best performance. They have ever expressed some unbreakable records. What are they? You can follow our ranking about top 5 records in UEFA Champions which is still maintained until now.

1, 6 goals- the highest goals for one player in UEFA Champions League

Zlatan Ibrahimovic is keeping one record about the maximum goals of one player in UEFA Champions league.

With 6 goals in one match, Zlatan is on the record ranking. 

To reach this achievement, he always expresses strictly and obviously in per match he is present in the pitch. Due to his consistency, many opponents worry when facing with him.

During his pro career in the UEFA Champions, he has ever reached total 48 goals. Above all, 8 goals are the most result he can do in one match.

Until now, no one can overcome this number.

At the age of 39 years old, he has contributed his effort to 7 big clubs like Manchester Unit…although he has not pick up the Winer in UEFA Champions, he is still expected to perform well in the next season.

2, The fastest hat-trick in UEFA Champions League

Bafetimbi Gomis is a Frenchman to maintain the record with 8 minutes and one hat-trick.

In the match of Olympique Lyonnais was against Dinamo Zagreb in UEFA 2011, he did the record to create impressive winning for his team.

Finally, the Olympique Lyonnais won with 7-1 goals.