Top European leagues with the highest transfer (Part 2)

In this article, we continue to share top football competitions in Euro which has the highest transfer. The fact, there are the most prestigious tournaments so it becomes a hot object to transfer or franchise as commercial transactions.

From the former article, we refer to two leagues: the Premier League and LaLiga. Now, we continue to share other European leagues.

3, Serie A 

Serie A is famous as a rich club when almost teams are busy with transferring contracts to find the best newly players. The transfer market of Serie A always attacks caring of other competitions or journalist. They collect information about profile of new players then discuss. Some clubs hope that they can reach the bargain deal.

Some famous clubs in Serie A have successes in transfer like Juventus, Barcelona or Inter Milan. They are play-club when being ready to pay a huge number of budget to hire talented players.

We can check some transfers until disputed such as purchasing the midfield- Arthur from Barcelona to Juventus. It makes a transfer record in Serie A because of the so big value.

4, Bundesliga

Bundesliga is a young tournament with smart transfers in football markets. 

Some clubs choose Bundesliga as a good envirnoment to train and improve experience to sign to higher evenets like Premier League. 

Not only transferring to bigger events in the UK, this tournament has also had some transfers to Asian market. For example, transfer of Hwang Hee-chan with $9m.

5, Ligue 1

Ligue 1 is collected foreign players to help domestic players to be trained and prasticed.

We can list some famous foreign transfers in Ligue 1 like: Mauro Icardi from France with $50m or Jonathan David from Canada with $32m, Serhou Guirassy moved to Rennes.