Top the best clubs in UEFA champions league

UEFA is one of the biggest football festival of the Western. For the dominated position, we usually see some big names taking turn each other in per season like Barcelona, Real Madrid, Manchester United or Liverpool.

It becomes more and more common when the biggest clubs usually win the championship titles every season. To understand clearly about their tile, we collect top the best clubs in UEFA champions ever.

If you are a fan of football, you shouldn’t miss this article. Following whether your favorite club is on the ranking or not.

1/ AC Milan – champion in 1993-1994

Under management of Fabio Capello, Milan won a few titles which made remarkable event for football history of this club.

They made a finals in dream when step by step defeating Porto and Monaco club, then faced up with the strongest team in this team- Barcelona led by coach-Johan Cruyff.

Although AC Millan was lowly appreciated against the potential team for the champion, AC Millan still were confident to come the finals. Within 60 minutes, they created series of surprising for fans all over the world. They defeated Barcelona with 4-0 goals. Romario, Stoichkov, Koeman and Guardiola were the greatest heroes when making correct movements to the opponent’s net.

This champion in 1993-1994 season made new though and common for anyone when they talked to AC Millan.

2/ Ajax – champion in 1971-1972 season

Ajax became the second European team to make records with series of trophies in 1971- 1972 season, including the Eredivisie, KNVB Cup and European Cup.

Ajax was led by Stefan Kovacs who gave the right strategies to make series of success for a unknown team before.

In general, Ajax club got total 104 goals during this season. They only were beaten at least once to come to the trophy.